Legate of Council (mostly just abbreviated to Legate) was an ancient position within the Council of Darujhistan. The post was meant to be temporary and with limits and designed as an emergency measure in times of crises. The office had been abolished several centuries earlier due to its abuses.[1]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

During a meeting, called in a hurry under obscure emergency laws to ensure his majority, Councilor Jeshin Lim proposed that the office be re-instated. After the proposal was carried Jeshin Lim put himself forward for the position. The on the spot counter proposal by the new councilman Torvald Nom of Councilor Coll, which was seconded by Councilor Redda Orr, had no chance as Lim was duly elected with a majority of forty-two votes.[2]

In correspondence, Lim styled himself City Legate.[3]

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