The name, Lengen, belonged to an individual about whom essentially no information was given. For example, unknowns concerning Lengen included: gender; general background; specific background details; relationship (if any) to those involved; or even, whether "Lengen" was the actual name of a real person or not.[1]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Lengen's name was mentioned by Sour to his long-time partner and fellow mage, Murk,[2] when the two were discussing just how likely their patron Ascendants - i.e., the Enchantress for Sour and Shadowthrone for Murk - were to answer stray questions that their adherents might want and/or need answered.[3]


Murk: "...what's the problem?... What does Miss Nibs [i.e., the Enchantress] say?"
Sour: "I don't ask HER. Don't you know nothing?... Does crazy Ammanas [i.e., Shadowthrone] answer your every question?... 'Dear Murk - you lent your knife to Lengen. That's why you can't find it'."
―Sour giving a mocking reply, mentioning Lengen, to a question asked by Murk[src]

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