Lesser Chanter was the brother of Tiny Chanter, captain of the Unreasoning Vengeance. Like all of his family, he was a huge, massively muscled man. The Chanter family appeared to have Tarthenal or Jaghut blood in their family line, and Lesser may have had tusks like several of his kin.[1][2]

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

Lesser was on board the Chanter ship that pursued Captain Sater and her crew of ex-Chanter garrison renegades on board the stolen Suncurl. He and his kin sought the return of the Toll's City treasury as well as bloody revenge. They caught sight of the Suncurl just as its shaken and savaged crew finished dealing with the dual threats of a murderous lich and six demonic statues.[3]

In The Wurms of BlearmouthEdit

The Unreasoning Vengeance clashed with the Suncurl in a terrific battle during a rainstorm. The already damaged Suncurl wrecked on a reef near Spendrugle and Lesser and the remaining Chanters pursued the few survivors into town. His brother Tiny was ready to kill everyone in Spendrugle in order to sate his vengeance. Lesser and his brother Flea fought over who got to use the family three-handed sword before Tiny smacked Flea in the head and made him take a five-bladed axe instead.[4] The Chanters planned to begin their murder spree at the King's Heel tavern, but were convinced to sit down for a meal by proprietor Feloovil Generous.[5] When the tavern was attacked by Red, the D'ivers lizard cat, a wild melee erupted. Lesser and Flea once again fought over the three-handed sword making them easy targets for the vicious animals. Both brothers were seriously wounded with Flea likely losing an ear and Lesser likely losing his life. Many tavern regulars were killed before Tiny beheaded Witch Hurl.[6]

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