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Map showing the spread of the Pannion Domin.

The city-state of Lest was far to the east of the Free City of Darujhistan[1] and four days' march south of Capustan.[2] The walled city was known for its raised gardens.[3] Lest and the nearby city of Setta were producers of fine silks of pale yellow.[4]

The citizens were referred to as Lestari.[5]

A branch of the D'Arle noble merchant family lived in Lest. They were relatives of Kalan D'Arle of Capustan and Estraysian and Challice D'Arle of Darujhistan.[6]

In Memories of Ice[]

In the months leading to the Siege of Capustan, Lest was annexed by the Pannion Domin.[5][7] Like Setta and Maurik it was depopulated and emptied of life in the process. Only a few charred bones and the wreckage of burned buildings remained.[3] Survivors of the Lestari Palace Guard made their way to Capustan.[8]

After defeating Septarch Kulpath's forces at Capustan, Caladan Brood's army "liberated" Lest on its way to Maurik where it was to reunite with High Fist Dujek Onearm's allied army.[9]

Notes and references[]


  • Among the silks the man recognized the dyed lavender twists and bolts of Illem, the pale yellows of Setta and Lest - two cities to the southeast he knew had been annexed by the Pannion Seer in the last month - and the heavy bold twists of Sarokalle. • GotM, US HC, p.169


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