Corporal List was a young recruit to the Fifth Company of the Malaz 7th Army in Hissar. He served under Fist Coltaine.

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Before the Whirlwind uprising, he trained along with the rest of the army at urban combat and escort missions. He was noted for "dying" in every one of the mock engagements.[1] His misfortune gave him plenty of time to stand around the command tent and listen to strategy sessions amongst the army's officers.[2] After the rebellion drove Coltaine's army out of Hissar he became one of the Fist's Chain of Dogs, which was pursued by the army of the Apocalypse across Seven Cities.

At the Battle of Sekala Crossing, List was assigned to escort Imperial Historian Duiker, a post which he initially was not entirely happy with as it kept him out of battle. He later saw his first combat at Gelor Ridge where he was viciously wounded by a javelin in the foot.[3][4]

List nearly died of the injury, and while he hovered near Hood's gate he began to be visited by a Jaghut ghost. The ghost told him that the lands south of the River Vathar were lifeless because of something terrible that happened two hundred thousand years ago. The T'lan Imass had waged war against the Jaghut, his family, and his species, breaking their bones and pinning their still living bodies under rocks.[5][6]

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When Coltaine sent the refugees ahead with Duiker to safety at Aren, List chose to remain behind with rest of the army. Duiker later watched from the city's walls as List fell bearing Coltaine's standard during the 7th Army's final stand.[7]

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