Lock was a 'new Hound of Shadow'.[1]

Lock was described as bone-white and whiter than Pallid, with onyx eyes and covered in scars which reveal dark blue skin beneath the short white hair. Lock was leaner and longer-necked than the Shadow Hounds.[2]

Lock was huge yet still half the weight of fellow hound Cast.[3] [4]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Pallid and Lock were two new Hounds running with the Hounds of Shadow. Shadowthrone told Traveller that he had called them as seven was the desired number, however both Traveller and Cotillion doubted that statement and suggested that the Hounds were likely two of the fabled Hounds of Light. The two newcomers seem to be accepted by the other Hounds of Shadow and, acting as rearguard, accompanied Traveller with the other Hounds when he left Cotillion and Shadowthrone.[5]

Shan was however unhappy with the two new Hounds, especially with Lock who seemed to want to travel alongside her, ghostly and silently, equally good at it as well.[6]

When Tulas Shorn met Shadowthrone and Cotillion, he was horrified to see Pallid and Lock with them. The two Hounds in turn were regarding Tulas with hate. He called all of the Hounds conjurations – manifestations who would turn on their masters eventually.[7]

Upon arriving in Darujhistan, Pallid had split off from the rest,[8]but later rejoined Lock, both their hides now sprayed with blood and with skin which hung in strips in places, showing terrible puncture wounds red-rimmed black holes in their necks and elsewhere. They padded side by side down the main avenue running parallel to the lake shore. From light flashes the remainder of the Hounds of Light arrived.[9]

The pack of ten Hounds attempted to seize the sword Dragnipur for their "master".[10][11] They were met with heavy resistance from Karsa Orlong,[12][13] Cutter,[14] Seguleh Second,[15] Tulas Shorn[16] and Barathol Mekhar.[17] At least six of the hounds were killed in the complex and confused fight that followed, and the remaining Hounds of Light were forced to flee. It was not clear if Lock was amongst the survivors.[18]


"They will turn – they are telling you that! That is why they exist! The fangs, the fury – all that is implacable in nature– each aspect but a variation, a hue in the maelstrom of destruction!’"
―Tulas Shorn about Hounds[src]

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