"Brothers, cousins, call it what you will. We're all descended from one big family. The Lost. That's us."

The Lost brothers were former Crimson Guardsmen who deserted, taking Kyle with them. "Lost" was their family name and they were all that was left of that Iceblood clan on Assail. They were:

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

After Skinner and Cowl murdered fellow Guardsman Stoop, the pair decided to pin the murder on Kyle. The mage, Mara, was sent to find Kyle, as were the Lost brothers, but the trio turned on the mage and fled, taking Kyle with them. When Kyle asked why they had abandoned the Guard to help him, Stalker responded:

"We never really were cut out for this mercenary business. We don't think much of fighting for money or power. We fight for other things."

In AssailEdit

Assail, The Blood Range

Lost Holding on Assail

It was revealed in the cave of Yrkki the bonewright that the brothers belonged to the Iceblood clan of The Losts.

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