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"Who needs tomes and volumes of history? Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words."

Lull was a captain in the Sialk Marines,[1] Cartheron Wing, Sahul Fleet.[2] He was a blue-eyed Falari with the characteristically fiery red long beard and wavy hair.[2][3]

During the Chain of Dogs, he struck up a friendship with Duiker, the Imperial Historian, who he affectionately called "old man".[4]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

Before the start of the Whirlwind rebellion, Lull left Hissar with Admiral Nok and the rest of the fleet. Before reaching Aren his ship began taking on water and he was forced to make port in Sialk for repairs. When the rebels took Sialk he took charge of the Sialk Marines and evacuated the city. He soon joined Fist Coltaine's 7th Army. Lull was the first person Duiker met upon rejoining the army after his own flight from Hissar.[2]

Lull became one of Coltaine's most reliable captains on the Chain of Dogs. His marines protected the army's rear during the crossing of the Sekala River.[5] He and several of his marines accompanied Nil and Duiker on a mission that revealed the presence of the Semk godling.[6] Outside Ubaryd he promised to thrash fellow captain Sulmar when the officer attempted to defy Coltaine.[7]

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At the Battle of Gelor Ridge Lull was struck in the head by a mace, which shattered his cheek, destroyed one eye, and removed his nose. Despite his ruined face, he was happy to report that all of his teeth remained.[8]

Lull died along with the last of his marines during Coltaine's final stand outside the gates of Aren.[9]

In House of Chains[]

Gesler noted that it had been Lull who had brought him, Stormy, and Truth over from the Malazan Coastal Guard to the marines in the Chain of Dogs.[10]

In The Bonehunters[]

Lull was among the named heroes of the Chain of Dogs for whom the natives of Seven Cities had built shrines across the subcontinent.[11] It was said some residents of Aren had searched the hill for his and the others' bones without success.[12] At the same time, bazaars sold reliquaries purportedly containing remnants of his body.[13]


"I'm a lucky man, Historian. Look, not a single tooth knocked out--not even a wobble."
―Lull, after losing half his face in battle[src]
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