Macrotus the Overwhelmingly Considerate was the new king of Quaint. He was the little known brother of King Necrotus the Nihile and took the throne after his brother's death.[1]

Macrotus was obsessed with health and purity and spent half of every day strapped within a room-sized mechanism of his own invention that exercised his muscles and joints. Necrotus thought his brother was insane.[2]

Within a week of his ascension Macrotus elevated worship of the minor goddess, the Lady of Beneficence, to the official state religion, banished the court mages, and formed an army of Well Knights. The Well Knights had the task of enforcing volumes of new prohibitions covering all aspects of life that were designed to make the populace healthy. All vices were forbidden, diets were made vegetarian, exercise was mandatory, public displays of emotion were prohibited, babies were not allowed to disturb the peace with their cries, and so on. Everyone's duty was to die healthy. Those that failed had their corpses hung upside-down from the city walls.[3]

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In The Healthy DeadEdit

The necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach discovered that Macrotus had murdered his brother by giving him poison that interfered with the former king's life extending alchemies. Macrotus considered magical methods of longevity a cheat to good health.[4] Bauchelain and Emancipor Reese then went before the king only to find he had died in his machine two weeks previously from a burst heart.[5] Bauchelain ended the tyranny in Quaint by revealing that Macrotus' partner in the new health regimen, the Lady of Beneficence, was in actuality Agin Again, the Demoness of Lust. He chose Saints Imid Factallo and Elas Sil as the new king and queen.[6]

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