The Mael's Greetings was a Falari merchantman-for-hire owned by Ghelath Keer. Its crew were "mostly Falari and Seven Cities outcasts."[1] The ship's name was a superstitious nod to Mael, elder god of the seas.[2]

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The Crimson Guard hired the Mael's Greetings to take Shimmer's expedition from Fortress Haven on Stratem to Assail. Shimmer planned to locate Cal-Brinn and the lost Fourth Company.[3] Severely damaged by storms during the crossing, the ship pulled into the harbor of the Isle of Pillars, a small island west of Bael. There it encountered four Letherii war vessels commanded by Luthal Canar, who attempted to claim the ship in recompense for trespassing on the island. After fruitless negotiations, the Guard seized one of the Letherii ships, the Venture, to replace the Mael's Greetings.[4]


Havvin: "Know you why Master Ghelath named her Mael's Greetings?"
Shimmer: "No."
Havvin: "Because Mael, having sent his greetings, need not send them again!"
―Havvin and Shimmer[src]

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