Mage cadres were instrumental attachments to armies that used magic, such as the Malazan Army and the Letherii Army. A typical Malazan mage cadre consisted of six mages and the mage commander.[1] In the Malaz 2nd Army the rank of cadre commander was indicated by a silver emblem attached to the cloak of the wearer.[2]

In the time of the Emperor, mages were so abundant that mage companies of Adepts were formed.[3]

Much later, the number of mage cadres came down drastically, with the Malazan 5th army posted in Genabackis left without mages of any extraordinary skill.[4]

"Ye Gods! That the empire of Nightchill, Tattersail, and Tayschrenn should be reduced to this! It would be laughable if it weren't so damn tragic."
―Aragan's observations on the state of Mage Cadres, especially in Genabackis[src]

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