Maker was a vaguely human like creature, dull black the color of a rock, who lived at the Shores of Creation. He appeared to Kiska like a crude sculpture of a person carved from basalt. His hands were broad finger-less shovels, and his head was like a worn stone between boulder-like shoulders. He stood at twice a human's height and could communicate directly to a human mind telepathically. He was usually very good-natured and because he was always alone and never received visitors, he welcomed Kiska and Leoman.[1]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

Maker informed Kiska that there was one other like her nearby, meaning one other human, which gave Kiska hope of finding Tayschrenn. He was angered by Kiska asking about the Jaghut, who he called "meddling" people. He asked Kiska to follow the shore of the Vitr further on to find the one he named Then-aj-Ehliel. Maker's work on the Shores of Creation was the bolstering and the maintenance of the edge of existence.[2]

Later, when Leoman decided to stay at the Shores of Creation, he decided to live close to Maker, constantly amusing him with anecdotes from his own life, and about his several relationships with women, something that Maker seemed to enjoy very much.[3]


A number of readers have wondered if the Builders in Fall of Light; Maker in Orb Sceptre Throne; and Elder, the builder of Azath Houses in Toll the Hounds, are the same individual/entities at widely different places and times or are closely related in some other way. There might possibly be interconnections of some sort, especially since the names used are more descriptive than specific. However, despite similarities, there are distinct differences amongst them as well, and the issue remains speculative.

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