The Malaz 3rd Army was led by Dassem Ultor in the conquests of Falar and Seven Cities.[1] Among the former commanders were Whiskeyjack, Choss, and Amaron.[2] By the time of Gardens of the Moon, it was either disbanded or destroyed.

The Army was present and took heavy losses during the Siege of Y'Ghatan. Before Y'Ghatan fell, Dassem Ultor was allegedly killed, and the command of the 3rd passed to High Fist Choss.[3]

In the 1154th year of Burn's Sleep, the Imperial Regent,[4] leader of the Claw, and soon to be Empress, Surly, created laws prohibiting the use of sorcery. Minor witches in the Mouse Quarter of Malaz City were defiant of the prohibition leading to riots, and the 3rd's involvement in putting down the civil disobedience. The 3rd had apparently just come back from Seven Cities, the armour of one its sergeants, Aragan, still containing dust from Seven Cities.[5]

The 3rd Army later participated in the campaigns in Genabackis when the Malazans invaded the city of Mott followed by the disastrous campaigns of Mott Wood and Blackdog swamp.[6]

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