The Malaz 4th Army was the army that had, at its very inception, fought the first Wickan Wars against Coltaine during Kellanved's reign.[1]

In House of ChainsEdit

Fist Gamet recalled his service in the Malaz 4th's early days fighting against the Wickans.[1]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Much later, the 4th was the primary Malazan army defending Quon Tali during the Malazan civil war against the Talian League. At the Battle of the Plains near Li Heng it fought against both the League and the Crimson Guard.

In StonewielderEdit

The 2nd Division of the 4th Army, under the command of Divisional Fist Rillish Jal Keth, was part of the Malazan Expeditionary Force which was sent to Korel by Emperor Mallick Rel to put down the renegade Malaz 6th Army.

Selected members Edit

4th Company, 2nd Division Edit

  • Betteries – Company Captain
  • Urfa – Lieutenant of the 4th Company saboteurs
  • Tolat – A barghast scout of the 4th Company

6th squad Edit

17th Squad Edit

  • Goss – Sergeant
  • Dim – Heavy infantry
  • Lard – Heavy infantry
  • Pyke – Heavy infantry
  • Suth – Heavy infantry
  • Wess – Heavy infantry
  • Yana – Heavy infantry
  • Keri – Saboteur
  • Len – Saboteur
  • Faro – Scout

11th Squad, Central Command Edit

  • Storo Matash – Captain of a saboteur company, 3rd Army veteran
  • Shaky – Ranking saboteur
  • Hurl – Saboteur
  • Sunny – Saboteur
  • Silk – Squad corporal and cadre mage
  • Jalor – A Seven Cities’ recruit
  • Rell – A Genabackan recruit

Others Edit

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