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Malaz City ca.1150 Burn's Sleep

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Malaz Plaza by slaine69

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Interpretation of plaza at night in Malaz City by slaine69

Malaz City was an island city and the home of Kellanved,[1] the birthplace of his Malazan Empire. The city was located on the small Malaz Island which was found southeast of Quon Tali. It was split into northern and southern halves by the confluence of the North and South Malaz Rivers which flowed from the Firstsight Mountains into Malaz Bay.

Along the northern edge of the city ran the 500 foot tall Mock's Cliff, upon which sat Mock's Hold, former pirate stronghold and now Imperial Garrison. The fortress was reached by a switchback of wide stone steps known as Rampart Way leading from the city below.[2][3] To the south the city was bounded by the Ridger Wall which ran in parallel to the Ridger hill.

Front Street in the harbour district was largely ancient warehouses interspersed with ramshackle taverns, inns, and tenement houses, all facing the piers. From there, a maze of dark and twisting narrow streets and alleys led further into the city. The city's larger estates butted up against the cliff wall below Mock's Hold. Also below the fortress was the Imperial Pier.[4][5][6]

Ships docking in the harbour were subject to inspection by the city's Harbourmaster. The waters surrounding the piers were notorious for sharks and small leech-like eels.[7][8]

According to Felisin Paran, the temple to Fener was located in (on the) Dockfront.[9] There was also a temple to D'rek in the city.[10]

Several blocks from the harbour was the Deadhouse, a seemingly abandoned stone structure amidst an overgrown yard, which was studiously avoided by the local residents.[11]

Outside the city, the Jakata road was lined with slums.[9]

As the Empire increased in size, Malaz City lost all tactical and strategic value and began a downward slide into irrelevance. Many of the city's influential residents relocated to the Imperial capital at Unta leaving many of the city's homes deserted. Trade declined, warehouses decayed, and piers eroded. Its primary value was as a military transit point.[12][13]


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Malaz City Environs by Erikson

Original map of Malaz City environs by Steven Erikson (may no longer be canonical)

The city's residents were a mixed breed of human races as was common on the island.[20]

Religions Edit

Chem, an ancient sea deity, was the object of an old sea cult in Malaz City.[21] Before the existence of the Malazan Empire, Malaz City regularly celebrated a number of festivals devoted solely to Chem.[22]

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The city was known for a breed of dog called the Malazan ratter, which was bred for its fearless insanity.[23]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

In the 1154th year of Burn's Sleep Surly, the Imperial Regent,[24] leader of the Claw, and soon to be Empress, created laws prohibiting the use of unsanctioned sorcery in Malaz City.[25] Elements of the 3rd Army rendezvoused with recruits and were sent to enforce the Imperial Regent's edict. The riots that followed engulfed a quarter of the town in flames.[26] The mage cadre that was sent in, all new and untested, lost control. Whiskeyjack sent Dujek and some sappers to control the fires.[27]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The Claw assassin Pearl maneuvered Kalam Mekhar to the city aboard the Ragstopper for a confrontation with Empress Laseen. Not intending to make it easy, Pearl stabbed Kalam in the side and tossed him overboard. The Bridgeburner made his way to shore were he was pursued by multiple Hands of the Claw.[28][29] Kalam ultimately made his way to Mock's Hold where he and the Empress settled their differences.[30]

That same night, Fiddler, Apsalar, Crokus, and Rellock passed through the Azath warren from Seven Cities and exited through the Deadhouse.[31]

In The BonehuntersEdit

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In Night of KnivesEdit

Later in 1154, after the Mouse Quarter riots and on the night of the Shadow, the fortress of Mock's Hold was the site of Emperor Kellanved and Dancer's apparent assassination.[32] The streets also saw battles involving the Shadow cult, the Hounds of Shadow, and a renegade band of Bridgeburners.

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Malaz City DHL

Malaz City (Pre-Empire)

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A hand-drawn map of the city by authors Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont was included in the PS Publishing edition of Night of Knives.

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