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Original map of Malaz City environs by Steven Erikson (may no longer be canonical)

Malaz Island, also known as Jakatakan or Malaz Isle, was an island to the southeast of Quon Tali and the northwest of Korel. There were two cities on the Island, Malaz City and Jakata,[1] as well as several smaller towns and settlements.[2]

The inhabitants of the island were typically of a mixed breed.[3]

Jakatakan pirates wore their hair braided and cut finger-length.[3]

At one time black-furred apes had roamed the island's hard-wood northern forests, but the animals had been hunted to extinction.[4]

The Paran Estates of House Paran produced exceptional wines that were exported off island.[5][6]


According to Beak, the Stormriders used to inhabit the island. After they retreated, the Jakata people were the first to arrive.[7]

Prior to the rise of the Malazan Empire, Quon Tali had been a continent of city states at war. The Kingdom of Unta had established itself as a major military power and had annexed the Napan Isles, many refugees were displaced many of whom landed on Malaz Island. Malaz Island at that time was ruled by the pirate Mock (for whom Mock's Hold was named). Mock had sold numerous Napans into slavery, aside from a few who had escaped through various factions' opposition to Mock.

One such faction was led by the mage Kellanved and the assassin Dancer. The pair had opened a bar in Malaz City, Smiley's, and through the employment of the criminal underground this faction rose up and overthrew Mock, eventually forming the Malazan Empire.

At some point in its distant past Malaz Island was connected by land to Quon Tali.[8]

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