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Malazan Book of the Fallen
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Tales of Bauchelain & Korbal Broach

Example ChapterEdit


__NOTOC__{{Chapters nk}}

{{Epigraph|It was said<br>she turned the blade on herself then<br>to steal the magic<br>of life.|''[[Call to Shadow]] (IX. ii)''<br>[[Felisin Paran|Felisin]] (b.1146)}}

''1163rd Year of Burn's Sleep<br>
''105th Year of the Malazan Empire<br>
''9th Year of Empress Laseen's Rule

====Ganoes Paran====
[[Paran]] is pulled into the [[Realm of Shadow]] where one of the [[Hounds of Shadow|Hounds]], [[Rood]], first attacks, and then drops him.

[[Category:Gardens of the Moon]]

The ResultEdit

Night of Knives
Dramatis Personae Prologue
1. Portents and Arrivals
2. Assignations
3. Hounds of Shadow
4. Old Enemies, Old Friends
5. Feints and Fates
6. Resolutions
Epilogue Pagination

It was said
she turned the blade on herself then
to steal the magic
of life.

Call to Shadow (IX. ii)
Felisin (b.1146)

1163rd Year of Burn's Sleep
105th Year of the Malazan Empire
9th Year of Empress Laseen's Rule


Ganoes ParanEdit

Paran is pulled into the Realm of Shadow where one of the Hounds, Rood, first attacks, and then drops him.


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