Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, some users can access a few additional functions.

Anonymous usersEdit

Technical name: * (Yes, it's just an asterisk)
If you do not have a Wikia account or you do but are not logged in then you are an anonymous user. You can still edit with your activity being recorded against your IP address.

User rightsEdit

  • Edit pages.

How to become an anonymous userEdit

You already are one unless your IP address has been specifically banned.

Registered usersEdit

Technical name: autoconfirmed (After 4 day waiting period)
Registered users can now engage properly with the rest of the community. Users with at least 50 edits to their names can vote on any wiki decisions that call for it. After a 4 day post-registration waiting period registered users automatically become autoconfirmed users.

User rightsEdit

  • All preceding rights.
  • Customize the appearance and features of the wiki by setting their preferences.
  • Upload an image or other file to the wikia.
  • Add pages to their watchlist, which can be used to track edits to a particular page.
  • Maintain a user profile.
  • Remove advertisements from all pages (except for the main page).

Once autoconfirmed:

  • Edit semi-protected pages.
  • Can edit templates.
  • No longer have to go through a captcha when inserting an external link into a page, blanking a page or creating a new account.

List of registered usersEdit

Automatically generated list of Registered Users: Special:ListUsers/autoconfirmed

How to become a registered userEdit

Sign up here. It's really quite easy.


Technical name: rollback (Named after the sole original additional right they had)
Patrollers are trusted members of the community. Their primary role is to keep an eye out for any vandalism and deal with it promptly. Their own edits are automatically considered to not require oversight.

Anyone can revert vandalism and bad-faith edits, but it takes a couple of clicks in the page history to get it done. Users with the "rollback" tool are able to undo bad edits with one click, by using the rollback link in Recent Changes and New Pages.

User rightsEdit

  • All preceding rights.
  • Rollback: Can quickly revert many edits from one user. Good for clearing vandalism.
  • Patrol: Can mark edits in recent changes and new pages as patrolled. Unpatrolled edits show a red mark next to them in Recent Changes.
  • Autopatrol: All of these users edits are automatically marked as patrolled.

List of PatrollersEdit

Show Former Patrollers

User nameTalk PageStart DateNotes
Andorion new User talk:Andorion new 5 November 2015 Active
Toctheyounger User talk:Toctheyounger 27 May 2016 Active
Pcwrcw User talk:Pcwrcw 14 November 2016 Active
Ozymandiac User talk:Ozymandiac 14 November 2016 Inactive since 16 September 2015.

Automatically generated list of Patrollers (may be more up to date): Special:ListUsers/rollback

How to become a PatrollerEdit

Making lots of constructive edits and following established site guidelines helps. If you add heaps of references that will significantly increase your chances too. Obviously, the more accurate your own edits are, the more we would trust you to be able to spot mistakes elsewhere. An eye for detail definitely helps!


Technical name: sysop (From system operator)
The Mortal Swords of the wiki. Any sort of editing that can be managed locally can be done by the Admins.

Administrators should not use their admin powers to settle editing disputes; for example, to lock a page on a version he or she prefers in an editing dispute that isn't vandalism.

User rightsEdit

  • All preceding rights.
  • Deleting and undeleting pages, page histories, and uploaded files.
  • Locking (protecting) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin rights.
  • Blocking IP addresses or user names from editing.
  • Editing the interface by changing system messages and skins.

List of AdministratorsEdit

Show Former Admins

User nameTalk PageStart DateNotes
Jade Raventalk * User talk:Jade Raven 21 October 2009 Active
Egwene of the Malazan Empire User talk:Egwene of the Malazan Empire 4 December 2014 Active
ArchieVistUser talk:ArchieVist 1 October 2015 Active
Coltaine93 User talk:Coltaine93 5 January 2018 Active. Also admin on the German Malazan Wiki.
AimzzzUser talk:Aimzzz 17 August 2015 Inactive since 9 January 2016.
Sscott328User talk:Sscott328 29 January 2011 Inactive since 19 April 2013.

* Has a good grasp of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Has a good grasp of JavaScript

Automatically generated list of Administrators (may be more up to date): Special:ListUsers/sysop

How to become an AdministratorEdit

Pitch the administrators on one their talk pages. All the active admins will decide together whether to grant your request. Opinions to your candidacy from other users will also be considered if they are given. Ideally you should be a Patroller first or else have some coding prowess.


Technical name: bureaucrat (There had to be one simple one, right?)
The Bureaucrats are the shadowy cabal that runs this website.

User rightsEdit

  • Grant or revoke user group rights to any user. Cannot revoke Bureaucrat rights from any other Bureaucrat except themselves (i.e. resignation).

List of BureaucratsEdit

Show Former Bureaucrats

User nameStart DateNotes
TheRope 27 March 2008 Founder. Inactive since 17 April 2008.
Jade Raventalk 21 October 2009 Active. Adopted the wiki.
Egwene of the Malazan Empire 31 July 2015 Active. Founder of the German Malazan Wiki. Also uses the account Egwene vom Malazan Empire (primarily on the German version).
ArchieVist 3 January 2018 Active.
Game widow 1 May 2011 Former Wikia Staff member. Account locked since March 2013.

Automatically generated list of Bureaucrats (may be more up to date): Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat

How to become a BureaucratEdit

The existing Bureaucrats will decide on their own. You cannot apply, it's all shadowy cabal stuff.


Technical name: staff (Formerly janitor)
Staff come in sorts of variations and with fractional degrees of rights, but between them they can manage just about anything. Some are paid employers and some are volunteers. The most common type is just called Wikia Staff. If for some reason you think you need to contact them use the Special:Contact form.

User rightsEdit

  • Unlimited power!

How to become StaffEdit

Try starting here. Good luck!

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