Malle of Gris as she was known, was a Malazan aristocrat. She described herself as being Gris, rather than of it, presumably meaning her family, who held power and prestige in Gris before the arrival of the Malazan Empire, had been the ruling family. She was described as skinny and speaking with a high imperial accent.[1] She had greying hair, worn high on top and tumbling down her back. Fisher kel Tath thought that she must have been very handsome when she was younger.[2]

In AssailEdit

Cartheron Crust revealed that Malle had run the academy where the Claws were trained for thirty years.[3] She travelled to Assail with the mages Holden of Cawn and Alca of Cat to help Crust bring the goldfields of that region into the Malazan sphere of influence.[4]

In Dancer's LamentEdit

Malle became heir to the throne of Gris when her twin brother, Malkir Herengar, fell to the man-jackal, Ryllandaras, at Li Heng. Her brother perished while under the protection of Duke Courian D'Avore and his Crimson Guard. The Red Prince, K'azz D'Avore, and Guard Mage, Cal-Brinn, feared Malkir's death had made them an enemy of Malle as she had spoken against journey from the start.[5]

In Kellanved's ReachEdit

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