Manat was an infantryman who was part of a troop of Malazan mercenaries under the leadership of "Cap'n" Yusen. This band of mercenaries gave every sign of being composed of experienced veterans of one of the various Imperial Malazan Armies.[1][2][3]

In Blood and BoneEdit

The most recent contract taken by Manat and the rest of the mercenary troop had brought the mercs to the Isle of Jacuruku. Subsequent events found the band forced to enter and then travel through the extremely hostile environment of the Jungle of Himatan in search of a way off of the island.[4]

At one point in their long, increasingly difficult and dangerous trek, the mercenaries had camped in a clearing in the jungle.[5] There Manat, having gone off to relieve himself while being - unfortunately - barefooted, unknowingly stepped on some poisonous flora. This resulted in the bottom of one of Manat's feet becoming red and badly inflamed - the sole being covered in blisters and the skin there peeling away in thick layers as though the sole had been exposed to boiling water. Burastan, the lieutenant of the mercenary troop, sought out their mages, Sour and Murk, to see what they could do about Manat's problem, as the trooper could no longer walk. Sour berated Manat for walking around in the jungle unshod, but said that he knew of a local remedy that could easily clear up the condition of Manat's foot. Sour also gave a bemused Manat a large orchid with sky-blue petals and told him to keep it next to his skin. Manat was told by Sour that the near presence of the flower would dissuade the many predators of Himatan from attacking him.[6]

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