Maral Eb was Warchief of clan Barahn of the White Face Barghast. He wore bronze brigandine armour and adorned his greased, spiky hair with red-tipped porcupine quills. Maral Eb's painted white death-mask and his arms were streaked with red ochre. Maral Eb, when the Barahn were on the move, liked to think of himself in the lead as "the tip of a barbed spearhead" closely followed by warriors bearing standards sheathed with iron, on which severed heads were impaled. Maral Eb was a fierce rival of Warchief Humbrall Taur and his White Face clan the Senan.[1][2]

Maral Eb had two brothers, the young warriors Sagal and Kashat, who were important, capable associates of the Warchief in his various ambitious activities.[3]

Memories of IceEdit

Maral Eb's clan arrived in strength when Humbrall Taur called the White Face clans to counsel, bringing over ten thousand seasoned Barahn weapon-bearers to the gathering in central Genabackis.[4]

The Barahn - and presumably Maral Eb - joined the other White Face Barghast under Humbrall Taur's overall leadership in order to fight the Pannion Domin at the Siege of Capustan.[5]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Humbrall Taur, having accidentally died upon the arrival of the White Face Barghast in the central plains of the continent of Lether, Onos Toolan was chosen to succeed him[6] - an outcome that Maral Eb disapproved of fervently - feeling that Onos Toolan, an Imass, had usurped the leadership of the White Face and needed to be replaced.[7] In pursuit of accomplishing his ambitions, Maral Eb had organized a Barahn war-party of some four thousand warriors, including his two brothers. Maral Eb's immediate goal was to use this force to conquer the "Kryn Freetrade Lands" so as to take over the entire, very valuable, eastern trading activity of Kryn with the Letherii Empire. Maral Eb planned to use this conquest as a lever to make the Barahn the premier clan amongst all of the White Face Barghast - demoting clan Senan from that status. More importantly to Maral Eb, he also sought to then be able to make himself the Warchief of the combined White Face clans - thus deposing the hated and despised Onos Toolan.[8]

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As it happened, however, scouts reported to Maral Eb that they had discovered Onos Toolan not far from the current location of the Barahn war-party and that he was accompanied by only a hundred clan Senan warriors - the small Senan party being camped far from the main Senan encampment. Maral Eb immediately saw an opportunity to ambush and slay this small force, breaking "the most sacred law of the White Faces" in the process. But Onos Toolan managed to foresee this threat from the approaching Barahn and took matters into his own hands - dying in the process, but saving the lives of his warriors.[9]

Maral Eb was thus able to enter the main Senan encampment soon thereafter and - with a great deal of violence of one sort or another, much of it by his brothers - managed to consolidate his claim to be the new Warchief of the combined White Face clans.[10]

At the same time, however, Maral Eb had had also to address the escalating war with the Akrynnai, led by Sceptre Irkullas - who, up until this point had been dominating the conflict.[11] The day dawned when the White Face mixed clans, under Maral Eb, were face to face with the Akrynnai army and allies, commanded by Irkullas - the ultimate battle between the two forces clearly imminent.[12] Hostilities were finally commenced and Maral Eb, Irkullas, and their armies were soon involved in tremendously ferocious fighting. But a mysterious, unbelievably frigid coldness fell over the entire battlefield - freezing everyone and everything solid - insuring the deaths of Maral Eb and his Barghast, as well as the deaths of Irkullas and his Akrynnai.[13]


"...the war-party was cutting westward. A week's travel would find it in the Kryn Freetrade [Lands], the centre of all eastern commerce with Lether. Maral Eb would slaughter everyone and then assume control of the caravanserai and all the trader forts. He would make himself rich and his people powerful. His triumph would elevate the Barahn to the position they rightfully deserved among the White Faces. Onos Toolan would be deposed and the other clans would flock to join Maral. He would carve out an empire, selling Akrynnai and D'ras slaves until the vast plains belonged to the Barghast and no one else. He would set heavy tariffs on the Saphii and Bolkando, and he would build a vast city in Kryn, raising a palace and establishing impregnable fortresses along the borderlands."
―Maral Eb daydreaming about the coming to fruition of his ambitions[src]
"Maral Eb's army had doubled in size, as survivors from shattered encampments staggered in from all directions--shame-faced at living when wives, husbands and children had died beneath the iron of the treacherous Akrynnai. Many arrived bearing no weapons, shorn of armour, proof that they had been routed, had fled in waves of wide-eye cowardice."
―Signs of the early success of the Akrynnai over the White Face Barghast[src]

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