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The Master of the Deck also called Jen'isand Rul was an Unaligned card of the Deck of Dragons with near Ascendant power.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

Captain Ganoes Paran found himself the Finnest House in Darujhistan in spirit and was told that he had been chosen as the new Master of the Deck. Raest, the Guardian of the Azath House told Paran that there had been need for a Master and he was it.[2]

This was confirmed by several sources including Silverfox,[3] Quick Ben[4]

At the Azath House the captain discovered he could travel to various Warrens merely by focusing on their representative tiles.[5]

According to Dujek Onearm, Tayschrenn had been grooming Tattersail to take on the role of Mistress of the Deck and it was her untimely end which then led to Paran, who was in the vicinity and had personal ties to the sorceress, to become the new Master of the Deck.[6]

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