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Meanas [mē-AN-as][1] or [MĒ-an-as],[2] also known as the Path of Shadows and Illusions,[3] was the human Warren of Shadow. It was considered by some to be an offshoot of Thyr[4] and Rashan. It was one of the Warrens connected with the Elder Warren of Shadow. It was a sister to Mockra as it was a kind of manipulation of the mind or perception through the cunning reshaping of light, shadow, and dark.[4] Meanas was not a powerful Warren, since only if the mind believed, would the damage dealt be inflicted or the illusion become real. Skilled practitioners could travel through shadows unseen and at nearly the speed of thought.[4]

Quick Ben called it a false Warren, only a shadow of the true Warren of Shadow.[5]

Practitioners of Meanas characterized the Warren as a cool, detached, amused intelligence. Accessing the Warren felt as if interrupting a power busy with other things.[6]

The Meanas mage Kulp implied that the Warren fell under the purview of Shadowthrone.[7]

The skies of the Warren were an unrelieved gray pall.[8]

Notable Users[]

In House of Chains[]

Sha'ik claimed Meanas was "in essence, drawn from the warrens of Thyrllan and Galain, Thyr and Rashan. It is, if you will, a hybrid discipline."[10]


In early editions of Gardens of the Moon, Tattersail says Rashan is also called the Warren of Illusions and thought to be an accessible Warren of Shadow. Quick Ben replies that Rashan was a false warren, a shadow of what it claimed to represent, in itself an illusion.[11] This appears to have been an editing error and later editions change the warren in question to Meanas.

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