Mebra was a Seven Cities spy in Ehrlitan,[1] who secretly hated the Malazan occupation of his home continent. He was very deceitful, and likely to stab the backs of any who trusted him.

He had a history with the Bridgeburners and Kalam Mekhar dating back to the Malazan conquest. Kalam claimed Mebra owed him a personal debt from that time.[2]

Mebra was a small man with sharp silver-capped teeth. He carried a dagger at his belt.[3]

In Deadhouse Gates[edit | edit source]

Mebra, under direction from Tene Baralta of the Red Blades, acquired the Book of Dryjhna, and coerced Kalam into delivering it to Sha'ik in order to precipitate the Whirlwind. As Kalam did not like being coerced, he punched Mebra in the face. After Kalam departed Mebra could not believe his good fortune. He begged Baralta to make sure Kalam survived the delivery as he correctly deduced that the assassin had plans for the hated Malazan Empress afterwards.[4]

In House of Chains[edit | edit source]

Preceding the events of Deadhouse Gates, Leoman and Karsa Orlong escaped from the Malazan military compound in Ehrlitan. Leoman led the Teblor to the top of the city's central hilltop where they found Mebra. Leoman told the spy they planned to take supplies from the rebels' hidden cache and exit the city through their secret tunnel. He warned the spy to tell no one.[5]

Exiting the city, Leoman and Karsa were soon pursued by seventeen Malazan horsemen. Leoman cursed Mebra as a traitor and promised to seek revenge now that he had proof of his long held suspicions.[5]

In The Bonehunters[edit | edit source]

Apsalar was sent by Cotillion and Shadowthrone to kill Mebra in Ehrlitan. Upon arrival, she discovered that he had already been assassinated by a Semk priest of the Nameless Ones.[6] Among Mebra's secret papers she discovered intelligence concerning Taralack Veed and his suspicions that the Nameless Ones had released "some ancient, terrible demon."[7] Mebra likely came too close to identifying the cult's plans for Dejim Nebrahl with Mappo Runt and Icarium for him to continue living.

Later, Cotillion explained that Mebra had been positioning himself to become a High Priest in the supressed cult of Rashan. Cotillion and Shadowthrone were eager to eliminate Mebra and clean house so that they could focus on the greater problems they foresaw coming.[8]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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