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Finnest House[]

Ganoes Paran enters the Finnest House and calls Raest. He tells the Jaghut that he intends on moving in, and wants to leave a pack full of gold for safekeeping. Raest is not pleased to see him, and asks what he will do with the still-prone bodies of Rallick Nom and Vorcan. Paran does not know, but tells Raest about Picker and the remaining Bridgeburners' plan to turn an old temple to K'rul into a a tavern. He doubts anyone will go, given that most of Darujhistan believes the temple to be haunted. Raest turns away, unenthusiastic about the prospect of seeing Paran again.

Paran exits the Finnest House, nearly stumbling upon a lame beggar. The beggar tells him of a vast fortune he buried in the Tahlyn Mountains, promising half of the riches if he would help him retrieve it. Paran gently refuses, warning him not to loiter near the Finnest House, which does not approve of strangers. The beggar laughs, saying he knows of one that does. Paran shrugs and leaves the beggar.

K'rul's Bar[]

Picker, Blend, Spindle, Antsy, Mallet, and Bluepearl sit in a nearly empty tavern with only Coll, Murillio, Paran, and Kruppe for company. The opening of their tavern is a disaster. Picker sits and stares at the one other guest, Duiker. The historian was resurrected by Baruk, and has no physical flaw keeping him from speaking. Yet for two weeks, he has said not a word, only clutching the small rag he received from the nameless marine he shared a night with on the Chain of Dogs. Baruk enters, and Kruppe offers to tell him a tale of how he and K'rul created a new world. Baruk declines, and Picker volunteers to tell the story of the taking of Coral, though she asks Paran to start. Paran demurs, and all of the Bridgeburners say it is still too soon. Spindle asks if there is any value to a story that will just break your heart. Duiker suddenly speaks, saying there is value. The book ends when Duiker says, "Very well, permit me, if you will, on this night. To break your hearts once more. This is the story of the Chain of Dogs. Of Coltaine of the Crow Clan, newly come Fist to the 7th army."