Mengal Mountains represented as black dots to the left of the picture. Please refer the image of Genabackis below for its relative location to Genabackis continent.

The Mengal Mountains ran as a backbone along the west coast of Genabackis south of Mengal. They were for the most part a dangerous unsettled wilderness. A trader mud track twisted along the inland eastward slope, completely dilapidated and unfit for proper use.[1] It was home to several gangs of bandits who robbed or murdered those who traveled along its trader tracks. Notable gangs included Dernan the Wolf and his army of bandits[2] and Orbern and his relatively smaller band of thieves.[3]

It was also home to a retreat alternately labeled as either a monastery or a school.[4]


The Mengal Mountains located to the west of Lake Azur on Genabackis

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

The monastery was home to Traveller after his encounter with Anomander Rake in Darujhistan.[5] The Seguleh, Lo and Sall, journeyed through the mountains to contact Traveller, encountering the gangs of Dernan and Obern along the way.[6][7]

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