Mercy Blackpug was a doll maker in Lamentable Moll. Her shop was hardly larger than a closet and leant against a warehouse on Doll Street. Her "bestial and bristly" dolls had misshapen faces, oily hair, onyx eyes, and human skin recovered from the corpses of executed criminals. She felt her dolls were a perfect children's gift because "every child should know terror", but they were mostly bought by relatives of the condemned.[1]

Mercy was thirty-five years old and had a dark, exquisite face with startling blue eyes. She had a deep melodic voice and smoked rustleaf from a hookah. Unlike her older sister, Mince Blackpug, she enjoyed all manner of vices.[2]

In Blood FollowsEdit

Mercy was interrogated by Watch sergeant Guld when he came to the doll shop looking for her sister. Mince warned the captain of her sister's licentiousness and involvement in scandalous business interests. Guld vowed to return to interrogate Mercy. In detail. For hours.[3]

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