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Black glass stands between us
The thin face of otherness
Risen into difference
These sibling worlds
You cannot reach through
Or pierce this shade so distinct
As to make us unrecognizable
Even in reflection
The black glass stands
And that is more than all
And the between us
Gropes but never finds
Focus or even meaning
The between us is ever lost
In that barrier of darkness
When backs are turned
And we do little more than refuse
Facing ourselves.

Preface to The Nerek Absolution
Myrkas Preadict

Seren Pedac is traveling south with Buruk the Pale, Shadow wraiths stalking them. Seren touches a cliff and hears the voices of two mistresses from the same hold. Buruk talks of Seren's debts and how she is being manipulated. Together they reach a border town and find powerful Letherii mages preparing a preemptive strike. The mages in coordination unleash a devastating attack. Seren thinks Hull Beddict, Rhulad Sengar, Trull, and the Warlock King are dead. Buruk declares that he is back in his homeland and will never leave. The next day, Seren finds Buruk has hung himself.

Trull witnesses the attack, and it confirms the Tiste Edur's worries. New allies come to answer Rhulad's summons. Their new allies are summoned demons enslaved by the Edur along with the Jheck. They serve their leader B'nagga the Dominant. After examination it seems that many Nerek were killed by the sorcerous attack. They discuss more on how to attack the Lether stronghold at High Fort, and the K'risnan offer their magic. They are more powerful than ever by drawing magic from the sword. Trull begins to question this but Fear scuttles this. Trull is sent along with a scouting group. The group's captain hates Trull, and together they kill a Faraed scout and Trull feels disgusted. They cross a bridge together and Trull sees some ancient writing from the Tusked Man.

The Refugium[]

Udinaas is shown more of Letherii's past. Wither shows him about the First Empire, the T'lan Imass, and the Soletaken Ritual. Feather Witch asks to go into the dream realm with Udinaas and he agrees. Together they travel inside and in the fiery realm they are taken by mortal Imass to a wrecked Meckros city ruined on the land. Here they speak of the Edur, the Beast Hold and the Eres'al. Within the city Feather Witch admits to have witnessed Udinaas' rape by Menandore and they speak of it. Feather Witch had summoned the Wyval thinking the Tiles of the Holds could free her.

They return to the Imass and find a boy named Rud Elalle who speaks their language. They speak to the boy who has been aging rapidly and is being raised now by the Imass. He is the son of Udinaas by Menanandore, and he is a draconic soletaken. The Imass show them 12 gates now sealed by their Bonecaster, and Feather Witch realises they are in a Hold. The child tells them the Hold's name is Starvald Demelain.

The Reach[]

Atri-Preda Yan Tovis of the Letherii Army, also called Twilight, is on the coast. She sees three hundred thousand Edur arriving and realizes she must surrender her post.