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The old drainage trench had once been a stream, long before the huts were knocked down and the overlords began building their houses of stone. Rubble and foul silts formed the banks, crawling with vermin. But there in my chest some dark fire flamed in quiet rage as I walked the track seeking the lost voice, the voice of that freed watery flow, the pebbles beneath the streaming tongue. Oh I knew so well those smooth stones, the child's treasure of comforting form and the way, when dried, a single drop of tear or rain could make the colour blossom once more the found recollection of its home—this child's treasure and the child was me and the treasure was mine, and mine own child this very morning I discovered, kneeling smeared on the rotting bank playing with shards of broken pots that knew only shades of grey no matter how deep and how streaming these tears.

Before Trate
Nameless Fent

Near Trate[]

Feather Witch speaks to Udinaas about being beaten and used by Mayen. They debate about perspectives and vengeance, and then move towards Trate.

Near High Fort[]

Trull Sengar's force is drawing closer to High Fort. Four more major battles are to be expected.


In Trate, Seren Pedac is getting drunk in a tavern. She listens to the Letherii offer their expectations about war, then she meets a foreign soldier named Iron Bars. He is with the Crimson Guard and they have just arrived from Assail. He and his friends are in debt and are looking for help, but Seren declines. Iron Bars plans to sail south and maybe see her there.

A mage named Nekal Bara is in the lighthouse of Trate, worrying.  She thinks on a sea creature that the Tiste Edur have bonded with and works to attack with another mage. However, her theory of what the enslaved creature is wrong. She is surprised by the attack and killed, but calls out to the Ceda Kuru Qan before her death.

Seren awakes in a cellar, in pain from being raped. The city is in chaos and under attack. Her three rapists return to find her, and before they can take her away Iron Bars arrives and kills them. He says Trate has fallen and the Edur are massacring soldiers. Iron Bars thinks they can retreat together using a warren, but they are blocked off.

Rhulad Sengar and Edur troops are the ones blocking them off, Udinaas is with them and sees Seren.

They fight their way through the Edur, and later they will use the warren to get to Letheras by the mage Corlo. Seren realizes then that Iron Bars killed Rhulad.

The Warren of the Crippled God[]

Rhulad awakes on the beach of the Crippled God where Withal waits for him. Rhulad does not want to go to see the Crippled God, and he does not want the sword. He speaks with Withal about how the sword was made, and Withal suggests breaking it. Withal even says the Crippled God lies, and that the dying will be harder and harder. Rhulad thinks then of Father Shadow and then, hiding his own thoughts, goes towards the tent.

Kurald Galain[]

Traveling in the Warren, the Crimson Guard Mage Corlo says the Edur are using the Tiste Andii Elder warren Kurald Galain, perhaps unknowingly. The warren is filled with Tiste Andii spirits that are bound to the Edur. They speak with a female Shadow wraith about her life, and she asks them to throw a ring into the sea so she can rejoin her bones. Her name is Sandalath Drukorlat.

Nearing the tent Rhulad wonders if he can just kill the Crippled God, and Withal thinks it impossible in this realm. Inside the tent, Rhulad wishes the Crippled God would use someone else, that he does not want this power. The Crippled God then tells Rulad about Scabandari's betrayal of the Andii, and the god still demands an empire. Rhulad reaches for the sword and lunges at the Crippled God but disappears. Withal and the Crippled God the argue about the god's body.

The Crimson Guard and Seren leave Kurald Gulian. Seren walks into the sea, and almost drowns herself. Iron Bars saves her after he tossed Sandalath's ring into the water.

Sandalath dies again, and then a voice says she can not die yet because she is needed. She wakes up on the beach alive.


Rhulad's corpse has become the gathering point for hundreds: Edur soldiers; the Warlock King; Mayen; Feather Witch. Rhulad comes back to life and finds Udinaas. Udinaas wants to find the man who killed him, and Udinaas thinks the Letherii will soon learn about Rhulad's undying.

The Warren of the Crippled God[]

On the crippled god's island, Withal prays to his own god Mael.

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