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None had seen the like. Chorum's Mill was a
Marvel of invention. Wheels upon wheels,
Granite and interlocking gears, axles and
Spokes and rims of iron, a machine that climbed
From that fast river three full levels and ground
The finest flour Lether had ever seen –
Some say it was the rain, the deluge that filled
The water's course through the mill's stony toes.
Some say it was the sheer complexity that was
The cause of it all, the conceit of a mortal man's
Vision. Some say it was the Errant's nudge, fickle
And wayward that voiced the sudden roar that dawn,
The explosions of stone and the shrieks of iron,
And the vast wheels breaking free and bursting
Through the thick walls, and the washing women
Downstream the foam at their thighs looked up
To see their granite doom rolling down –
Not a wrinkle left, not a stain survived, and old
Misker, perched on Ribble the Mule, well the mule
Knew its place as it bolted and leapt head-first
Down the well, but poor old Misker hugged the
Draw pail on its rope and so swung clear, to
Skin his knees on the round's cobbles and swear
Loud, the boisterous breath preceding the fateful
Descent of toothy death the gear wheel, tall as any
Man but far taller than Misker (even perched on
His mule) and that would not be hard once it was
Done with him, why the rat – oh, did I forget to
Mention the rat?

Excerpt from The Rat's Tail (the cause of it all)
Chant Prip

Letheras, Tehol's residence[]

After Bugg falls into the canal accidentally, Tehol Beddict speaks with him. Bugg is finished up with the foundations of the Eternal Domicile's Fifth Wing, and Tehol notes the scars on the old man. They walk together and speak about inequality and poverty. Tehol wants to make Bugg a leader for many of the refugees and poor.

Letheras, Old Palace[]

Brys Beddict speaks with Ceda Kuru Qan about Trate and the Tiste Edur invasion. The Ceda is conserving his power and they speak about what is going with the Hold of Death. Brys mentions Kettle and they Ceda urges that they go to her.

Letheras, Azath Tower[]

Kettle speaks with Shurq Elalle at the Azath Tower. Shurq will soon assault the Merchant Tolls and wants to persuade spirits to join her, and they eventually agree. Kettle realises though that she is coming slowly back to life as the Azath dies.

Brys and the Ceda come to the Azath Tower and speak to Kettle. She speaks of the Azath Tower, that the heart inside will not fully awake. The Ceda believes the House become the Hold of Death. The Ceda thinks the Cult of the Nameless, foresaw the death of the Azath so they acted to trap those who might escape. He sees Kettle is no longer the Azath guardian, she just waits for those who will escape. Kettle speaks then of a pretty man with lots of boyfriends and girlfriends who often watches the house and once spoke to her of the Hold of Death. The man said the Hold of Death needs no guardian, that its throne is occupied. Brys and the Ceda leave.

Kettle then finds herself at the side of the Azath's former prisoner who now serves as its protector. They stand on an ancient battlefield with the K'Chain Che'Malle and speak of Wyvals and the lingering dead. Kettle then tells him of the war, and that the Edur will try to kill him. The man says he will not do the same.

Letheras, Merchant Tolls[]

Shurq infiltrates the Tolls, and one of her spectral companions memorize the ledgers.

Letheras, Old Palace[]

Kuru Qan reflects back on his own prophecy on the Seventh Closure and wonders if the Letherii could have been mistaken.

Letheras, The Trampled Peacock[]

At The Trampled Peacock, Tehol and Rucket come to supper. Shand, Rissarh, and Hejun are there as well and after a fight breaks out Bugg and Tehol leave for the night.