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Invisible in all his portions
This thick-skinned thing has borders
Indivisible to every sentinel
Patrolling the geography of
Arbitrary definitions, and yet the
Mountains have ground down
The fires died, and so streams
This motionless strand of sharp
Black sand where I walk
Cutting my path on the coarse
Conclusions countless teeth
Have grated—all lost now
In this unlit dust—we are not
And have never been
The runners green and fresh
Of life risen from the crushed
Severing extinctions (that one past
this one new) all hallowed and self-sure
But the dead strand moves unseen,
The river of black crawls on
To some wistful resolution
The place with no meaning
Inconsequential in absence
Of strings and shadows
Charting from then to now
And these stitched lines
Finding this in that...

Excerpt from
The Black Sands of Time
(in the collection Suicidal Poets of Darujhistan)
edited by Haroak


Udinaas is on the docks, watching the sharks and gulls feeding. Feather Witch's beatings have continued, sea battles are raging between the two peoples. Udinaas attends a meeting where the Warlock King speaks of visions of the Tiste Edur conquering other realms. They make plans to flood these realms and conquer them. Mayen speaks up and accuses Udinaas of being possessed, and Udinaas then speaks on Mayen's abuse of Featherwitch. Rhulad Sengar forbids the beating, and then confides in Udinaas that Mayen has become a problem for him, but that she is pregnant with his child.

Southeast of Dresh[]

Seren Pedac cuts her hair, thinking she should have let Iron Bars brutalise and torture her rapists. She speaks to Iron Bars of the local horses and their origin from the distant Bluerose. The Bluerose people seem to have been sabotaging the cavalry with poor equipment and training. Discovering the bodies of a murdered family on a farm that raised horses, the group of Crimson Guard decide to track the killers. They speak briefly of the Crimson Guard's vow keeping them unnaturally alive. Seren goes into the woods and statues of Tarthenal gods, she thinks of these strange massive statues and her pain. Iron Bars finds her and says he killed Rhulad.

A tarthenal named Old Hunch Arbat comes to appease the gods and keep them quiet.

The Warren of the Crippled God[]

Sandalath Drukorlat wakes up on the shore of the Crippled God, she speaks with Withal for a while and thinks that the Nacht around Withal are trying to say something.

Southeast of Dresh[]

Seren and Iron Bars' group catch up to the killers and dispatch them. But Seren tells Iron Bars that his compassion is not going to help him.

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