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The Betrayer stands in the shadow of the Empty Throne.
That is why it is empty.

The Casting of the Tiles
Ceda Parudu Erridict

Illustration by Corporal Nobbs

Outside Letheras[]

Seren Pedac[]

Seren Pedac and Corlo discuss warrens and holds, especially Mockra. They talk a bit about grief, and Seren asks if magic can erase her memories. Corlo helps her, and calls her a natural talent. Seren cries deeply. She reflects on her life and her grief.

Later they encounter large tombs whose inhabitants they are unsure of. They speak of the elder race, and then encounter Letherii who try to forcibly recruit the Crimson Guardsmen, but fail.


Trull Sengar[]

Trull Sengar's company want him replaced as captain. Ahlrada Ahn tells Trull more of the Bluerose and the truth behind the Tiste Edur's ancient betrayal. Trull then meets with his mother. Uruth speaks with him about his mistakes, and scolds him for voicing his doubts. They speak then of the Kenryll'ah, Lilac, and the demon's world, and a war within their realm. Trull tries to resign from his post in the army but Fear refuses, and warns Trull again. Trull then speaks with Lilac, and helps the demon escape.

Later he tells his mother of this, and Uruth scolds him once more. Together they speak of the demon's world and the river within. Finally Trull wonders if he even belongs to his people anymore.

Outside Letheras[]


Udinaas reflects on the army, and then meets with Hull Beddict. He speaks with Hull about Iron Bars killing Rhulad, Feather Witch's new position, and then of his debt. Udinaas' debt is to a small broker named Huldo who Hull's brother Tehol owns, so Hull clears Udinaas' debt.

Rhulad Sengar[]

Rhulad returns and is troubled by the drowning world, and Udinaas soothes him by asking questions about champions. The Edur plan to seek champions that can kill Rhulad so that his power will continue to grow.

Seren Pedac[]

Seren finally comes across three armies waiting for the Edur, and they are close to Letheras. Iron Bars suggests she comes with them, but she is going home.