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Midnight Tides
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An old man emerged from the ditch, a creature
Of mud and wild autumn winds capering
Like a hare across a bouldered field, across
And through the stillness of time unhinged
That sprawls patient and unexpectant in the
Place where battle lies spent, unmoving and
Never again moving bodies strewn and
Death-twisted like lost languages tracking
Contorted glyphs on a barrow door, and he
Read well the aftermath, the disarticulated script
Rent and dissolute the pillars of self toppled
Like termite towers all spilled out round his
Dancing feet, and he shouted in gleeful
Revelation the truth he'd found, in these
Red-fleshed pronouncements—'There is peace!'
He shrieked. 'There is peace!' and it was
No difficult thing, where I sat in the saddle
Above salt-rimed horseflesh to lift my crossbow
Aim and loose the quarrel, skewering the madman
To his proclamation. 'Now,' said I, in the
Silence that followed, 'Now, there is peace.'

The Lay of Skinner
Fisher kel Tath

Near Brans Keep[]

The various branches of the Tiste Edur army unite near Brans Keep. Trull Sengar reunites with his brothers Fear and Rhulad. Together they share a conversation over wine. Rhulad and Fear discuss what has happened with Mayen, and Fear accepts an offer to raise Mayen and Rhulad's child as his own. Trull speaks later with Udinaas, asking about Debt and Trull wonders why Rhulad trusts the slave. The Warlock King arrives then and asks the brothers for help with a demon.

Letheras, City Gates[]

Seren Pedac and the Crimson Guard discuss how to enter Letheras, and then enter the city proper.

Letheras, Eternal Domicile[]

Brys Beddict sends word to Tehol, and then speaks with Moroch Nevath about Turudal Brizad. They discuss Queen Janall's consort's true identity being an ancient god called the Errant. The Errant has been living in the Letherii Court for centuries. Brys finds Ceda Kuru Qan sleeping on the central tile and he refuses to move.


The Sengar brothers arrive at the village of Brous and find a Forkrul Assail named Serenity. In effort to create peace it attacks, killing Rhulad and then fleeing. Two Kenryll'ah demon princes allied with the Edur pursue, while the Edur wait for Rhulad's resurrection.

The Warren of the Crippled God[]

Rhulad washes up again on shore, watched by Sandalath Drukorlat and Withal. They briefly speak, and then Rhulad walks off to see the Crippled God. Withal continues to pray to his god.

Letheras, Eternal Domicile[]

King Ezgara Diskanar, in accordance with the prophecy of the Seventh Closure, enters the newly constructed Eternal Domicile. He sits down on his throne, now declared emperor by his court.

Letheras, Seren Pedac's home[]

Seren enters the city to find burned out houses, looting and corpses. She separated from the Crimson Guard and finds her empty, dusty old house. She's alone.

Letheras, Old Palace[]

Finally, we see Gerun Eberict, starlings above the Azath Tower, Tehol, Kettle. All as the Errant considers how the tragedy is about to unfold. The Errant knows the Letherii miscalculated and the Seventh Closure will not arrive for two more days.