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A vast underground cavern yawned beneath the basin, the crust brittle and porous. Could one have stood in that ancient cave, the rain would have been ceaseless. Even so, eleven rivers fed into the marshlands that would one day be the city of Letheras, and the process of erosion that culminated in the collapse of the basin and the catastrophic draining of the rivers and swamps, was a long one. Thus, modest as Settle Lake is, it is worth reminding oneself of its extraordinary depth. The lake is, indeed, like a roof hatch with the enormous cavern the house beneath. So, the pulling down into the deep of Burdos' fishing boat—the sole fisher of Settle Lake—nets and all, should come as no surprise. Nor should the fact that since that time, when so many witnessed Burdos' demise, no other fishing boat has plied the waters of Settle Lake. In any case, I was, I believe, speaking of the sudden convergence of all those rivers, the inrush of the swamp's waters, said event occurring long before the settlement of the area by the colonists. Fellow scholars, it would have been a dramatic sight, would it not?

Excerpt from The Geologic History of Letheras,
a lecture given by Royal Geographer Thula Redsand
at the Cutter Academy 19th Annual Commencement
(Moments before the Great Collapse of the Academy Ceiling)
Comments recounted by sole survivor, Ibal the Dart

Brans Keep[]

The Tiste Edur arrive at Brans Keep. Udinaas thinks on the impeding use of powerful Edur sorcery. He speaks with Feather Witch and the two agree that the Letherii are going to lose. They speak more of debt, Mayen, and the K'risnan.

Trull Sengar watches as powerful, violent sorcery begins the Battle of Brans Keep. Udinaas watches as Letherii sorcery beings to answer the Edur's, and Tiste Andii shadow wraiths join the battle. Letherii sorcery is powerful, killing thousands of Edur forces. The Warlock King's sorcery responds, killing tens of thousands of Letherii.

Udinaas' position is endangered by the violent sorcery--massive pillars of sorcery, flesh, and bone are out of control. Edur women protect Udinaas the others. Udinaas goes to find Hull Beddict and Rhulad Sengar.

Trull challenges Canarth, who he easily defeats. Ahlrada Ahn urges him to be punished, but Trull shows the soldier mercy.

Udinaas reaches Rhulad, but is knocked back by Theradas Buhn. This angers the already furious Rhulad. Although the battle is won, Rhulad is furious with the Warlock King over his use of magic. Thousands of Edur died in this battle. Rhulad wants to kill the Warlock King, but Udinaas stops him and says that his brothers are nearing. Rhulad stays his furor with the Warlock King, but Udinaas knows that Hannan Mosag may have to be killed. The Emperor speaks with his family, and says the dead will be buried together. Tomorrow they will march to claim the throne.

In the end then, Trull and Udinaas are left alone. Trull recognizes the power Udinaas has. They speak about The Warlock King, arrogance, and the day's slaughter. Trull says he is afraid of what is coming, and Udinaas says they may have to try to hold it together.