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And it is this moment, my friends,
When you must look away,
As the world unfurls anew
In shapes announced both bright
And sordid, in dark and light
And the sprawl of all existence
That lies between.

Fisher kel Tath


The two Kenryll'ah demon princes stand at the edge of a vast and deep hole. They speculate on the hole's depth and whether their urine would fray into the mist before reaching bottom. One brother notes that the Forkrul Assail they pursued went down the same hole, while the other brother notes that it happened because he threw it down there. Then they loosen the straps of their drawers to test their theory about urination.

The Crippled God's Warren[]

Withal, Sandalath Drukorlat, and the three Nachts stand on the beach watching a storm raging offshore. It seems powerless to breach the sorcerous barrier surrounding the island. Sandalath has been belittling Withal for his constant praying without results. Her remark that the storm seems to be waiting for someone to do something triggers the beginnings of an idea in Withal's mind even as a boat appears in the waves beyond the reef.

Withal remembers the strange behaviour of the Nachts on the island.
    Build a nest.
    Kick it down.
    Build a nest.
    Kick it down.
The he runs to the Crippled God's tent and topples it onto its shrieking occupant. Withal laughs as the storm rushes in and the boat reaches shore on a stretch of calm water amidst the storm's fury. The squat form of Mael disembarks, offering the boat for Withal and the others to escape before noting that Withal prays hard enough. As Withal's boat departs, Mael says they will see each other again soon as Mael has things for the swordsmith to do. But first, he says, he has to beat a god senseless.