Mince Blackpug was the older sister of Mercy Blackpug, a doll maker in Lamentable Moll. She was obsessed with the ideas of purity and righteous living. Mince was a vegetarian, teetotaler, non-smoker, celibate, and exercised regularly. Despite this regimen, she appeared to be an ancient toothless crone far older than her thirty-six years.[1] She also had enough hair on her chin to be mistaken for a man.[2]

Her ideas were not limited to her own behavior. She petitioned King Seljure weekly to raise the severity of criminal punishments and she delighted in selling her sister's dolls which were made using the skin of condemned criminals. Mince could often be found at crime scenes in search of converts to her philosophies. She scolded her sister for her vices and warned others to stay away from her.[3]

In Blood FollowsEdit

Investigating a series of ghastly murders in Lamentable Moll, Watch sergeant Guld's suspicions were aroused when he continued to spot Mince among each murder scene's onlookers. He identified the doll shop where she worked, but found only her sister Mercy. As he left the shop, Mince appeared and unsuccessfully warned him not to succumb to Mercy's temptations.[4]

In The Healthy DeadEdit

In the city of Quaint, when encountering a tyrannical government enforced health regimen, Emancipor Reese recalled "that some old hag in his home city of Lamentable Moll had lived by similar notions of wellness. Perhaps the trend was spreading, like some kind of horrific plague."[5]

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