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Minikenar was a once thriving city on the banks of a river, also long gone, west of Y'Ghatan on the Seven Cities sub-continent. At the time of the Malazan Empire, only "a swath of potsherds reduced to gravel [...] remained".[1] During the time of the First Empire, the T'rolbarahl, Dejim Nebrahl, had hunted there for blood.[1]

A once level road running east from the city, and south of the site of Yadeth Garath, had deteriorated into a crumbling track.[1] A string of fishing villages to Minikenar's north no longer displayed any signs of having ever existed.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

After being driven away from a slave caravan by Iskaral Pust, Dejim Nebrahl had been unable to find food in the plague-ridden region. Fevered and starved, the T'rolbarahl journeyed to Minikenar and other old hunting grounds hoping to find human prey. He found only dust and memories. A group of bedraggled Malaz 14th Army survivors of the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, which included Fiddler and others, followed the Minikenar road hoping to catch up to Adjunct Tavore Paran and the main force of the army. They sent Masan Gilani ahead on their only horse to speed their rescue. Dejim Nebrahl attacked Gilani on the road before he himself was ambushed by the Deragoth and the Hounds of Shadow.[1]

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