Mizzankar Druble was a centuries dead wizard from Jhant, a city that once stood near present day Jatem's Landing on the coast of Stratem. He had a reputation as a terrible and powerful sorcerer, but was in reality a minor wizard who risked performing rituals well beyond his capabilities. In one such case he battled an undead squirrel that had mummified in the walls of his home. The resulting paroxysm of magic generated a massive spire of black, glassy stone that imprisoned Mizzankar for the rest of his life. Outsiders thought the windowless, doorless structure was a purposefully designed fortress meant to show off his ability.

Mizzankar possessed six Sech'kellyn statues, but the demanding demonic servants required constant attention. Therefore he attempted to summon a demonic servitor to shoulder some of the burden. In a terrible miscalculation, Mizzankar mistakenly summoned an ancient and powerful god-thing. The resulting battle of wits was short, and Mizzankar spent his last days forced to perform servile tasks around the tower. After the god left the tower with his new statues, the townsfolk of Jhant discovered a way to burn the wizard alive.[1]

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