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Interpretation of Moby perched atop Fiddler's head, by Toraneko

Moby was Mammot's bhoka'rala familiar.

In Gardens of the Moon[]

Moby lived in Mammot's study eating grapes and drinking out of the scholar's inkwells.[1][2]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

After Mammot's death, Moby accompanied Crokus, Fiddler, and Kalam on their journey to return Apsalar to her home in Itko Kan by way of Seven Cities. On that trip, he grew quite attached to Fiddler, although the sapper thought it odd that a familiar would remain a pet after the death of its master.[3][4]

Once in Seven Cities, the native land of the bhoka'rala, Moby disappeared and Crokus feared he was gone for good.[5][6] Moby returned as Fiddler, Crokus, and Apsalar made their way across the desert but continued to disappear for stretches of time.

When the group joined Icarium, Mappo, and Iskaral Pust on a mission to reach the Azath house, Tremorlor, the familiar evoked a fearful reaction from the Hounds of Shadow.[7] As the last of the shape-shifters assaulting the house fell, Tremorlor allowed Moby to open its door. Inside, Moby was revealed to be a Soletaken demon who thought that by gaining entry he was the victor in the Path of Hands, but instead he became the house's guardian. Crokus concluded that Moby's disappearances occurred when the familiar was protecting them by attacking other shape-shifters.[8]


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