Mock was a notorious pirate and cut-throat who had a monopoly on Malaz Island. He was headquartered out of Mock's Hold in Malaz City. Mock had taken Tattersail as a lover, though he was later overthrown by the Emperor-to-be Kellanved and his assassin companion Dancer.[1]

In House of ChainsEdit

Admiral Nok told Adjunct Tavore Paran about Kellanved's family's early days in Malaz City. Kellanved and Dancer had hired a handful of locals to conquer the island's criminal element, which made Mock their prime target. Nok characterised the pirate as a cold-blooded killer. Nok had nearly fallen prisoner to the pirate, when the battered corsair upon which he served as first mate had been seized by Nok in the Malaz City harbour. Mock used the prisoners as part of an exchange with the Kingdom of Unta.[2]

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