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Interpretation of Mock's Hold by Corporal Nobbs

Mock's Hold was a fortress overlooking Malaz City, and was once held by Mock, the city's one-time pirate ruler.[1] The Hold consisted of the Old Keep – which at the time of Ganoes Paran's visit during Gardens of the Moon had been reduced to a stable and pigeon loft – and a citadel where the Fist had his residence.[2]

Entrance to the Hold was through the massive door of the gatehouse, which had been guarded by Lubben back to the time of Mock.[3] Inside the gate was a courtyard of heaved cobblestones.[4] To the left was the Old Keep and tower while the citadel was slightly to the right.[3]

The citadel had a square tower on top with a portal[5] and the walls of the battlements featured merlons. A staircase inside the citadel led upwards at least two levels from the ground floor.[6] On the second level up, in a rarely used quarter of the keep was a room with a T-shaped table.[6][7] An enormous crack ran through the entirety of the fortress, threatening to one day send Mock's Hold plummeting into the bay. Imperial engineers and mages promised that such an event was at least fifty years away.[8]

The top of the Hold's old tower featured small windows with bubbled and mottled, but mostly transparent, glass.[9]

The Hold's Garrison had a barracks along the north wall[10] and storehouses with cellars to keep supplies.[11]

Prisoners were held in the catacombs below the Hold.[12]

Bolted to the outer top of the Hold's wall was a century old pike. The pike's head had been cold-hammered into the form of a winged demon whose teeth formed an evil grin. This weather vane was dubbed "Mock's Vane".

The fortress was defended by springalds and catapults.[13]


Mock's Hold stood upon Mock's Cliff, and was accessible through a switchback of stairs, known as Rampart Way, carved into the cliff wall.[14] The Hold itself was in excess of eighty arm spans (approximately 160 meters, or 525 feet) or more above the city, with the wall adding an addition six arm spans (about another 12 meters or 39 feet).[15]

Fist Road passed from the keep westward atop the cliff past Mock Barrow and various farms and pastures.


Malaz City was the original capital of the Malazan Empire on Malaz Island. Upon the conquest of the mainland, Mock's Hold was relegated back into a mere Fist's holding.[2] The keep was the location of the assassination of Emperor Kellanved and Dancer.[16]

In Gardens of the Moon[]

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In Deadhouse Gates[]

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Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Mock's Hold.

In The Bonehunters[]

After his arrest, Mallick Rel was held in a richly appointed "cell" at the top of the Hold's old tower. The room was well-furnished and had a glass window to the outside. Meanwhile, his co-conspirator, Korbolo Dom, was kept in the Hold's catacombs.[17]

Empress Laseen journeyed to Mock's Hold to meet with Adjunct Tavore Paran upon her return to Quon Tali with the 14th Army after putting down the Whirlwind rebellion. While her fleet remained docked anchored in the harbour, Tavore, T'amber, and Kalam Mekhar were escorted into the Hold's tribunal room where they were shocked to discover Mallick Rel and Korbolo Dom in the Empress' company. The Empress tried unsuccessfully to secure Tavore's cooperation in a pogrom of the Wickans.[18]

In Night of Knives[]

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In Deadhouse Landing[]

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