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"Spiteful, condescending, a sneering bitch in every way!"
―Iskaral Pust, appraising his future wife.[src]

Mogora [Mō-Gore-ah][1] was a D'ivers[2] witch and the wife of Iskaral Pust.[3] She sembled between a human female form and a pack of hundreds of spiders. Originally from Dal Hon, she was a squat, wiry, and mostly toothless old woman with wild black hair and a sharp-featured face, who bore a startling resemblance to Iskaral Pust.[4][5][6]

Her clothes were covered in cobwebs.[5]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

Mogora secretly observed Pust for months as he laid the false trail for the Path of Hands. She finally appeared before him as a pack of spiders pouring from his clothing after the crisis had passed. Pust accused her of scheming to gain access to the gate in Tesem's crypt in order to gain Ascendancy. Mogora denied this, replying, "I escaped Dal Hon to be rid of idiots. Why would I become Ascendant just to rule over other idiots." The two entered the Shadow Priest's temple together with Pust suggesting she serve as the new cook.[7]

In House of Chains[]

Mogora and Pust were now married, a marriage Pust considered perfect because they had not seen each other for months. Pust hid in Tesem's shadows while Mogora stalked the halls hunting him. She refused to search for him in her D'ivers form as it would make her the one being hunted.[8] She otherwise spent her time cleaning and clearing, although she refused to touch the 'offerings' left behind by the temple's population of Bhok'arala.[9]

Mogora played unwilling hostess and cook for Kalam Mekhar during his recuperation[8] and for Cutter and Apsalar after their adventure on Drift Avalii.[10]

In The Bonehunters[]

Iskaral Pustl, Mogora and the mule by Dejan Delic

Mogora secretly followed Iskaral Pust to the newly reborn Raraku Sea, which she stocked with a half-dozen young freshwater sharks. Then she followed his trail through the warren of Shadow to witness the High Priest drive away the T'rolbarahl, Dejim Nebrahl, and recover the dying body of Mappo Runt. Mogora interceded in what she characterised as Pust's idiotic attempts to heal the Trell. She performed a healing ritual that called upon the power of the Moon and drew down a rain of spiderwebs to cover Mappo's body. After Pust fell asleep, Cotillion appeared, speculating that she was "one of Ardata's". Mogora veered into a mass of spiders and disappeared.[11]

When Mappo recovered, Iskaral Pust joined the Trell on his quest to reunite with Icarium. On their journey, the two encountered Spite, who commented that Mappo had been healed by the Queen of Spiders.[12] Spite offered her services in locating Icarium and the three boarded a ship and traveled the Otataral Sea. Mappo noted the presence of spiders aboard the ship and doubted Mogora was fooling anyone with her disguise. Pust swore he could smell her and searched the ship.[13] Later, when a dozen Jade giants fell from the sky above them, it seemed to spell certain doom. Pust cried out for Mogora in a panic, demanding sex before he died. Mogora stood by watching her husband fret and wondering why she had married "that pathetic creature."[14]

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