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Monkrat was a mage and an ex-Bridgeburner. He had been at the battles of Blackdog Forest and Mott Wood in northern Genabackis before he had deserted.[1] He was described as a "bald priest of some unknown god [i.e., the Dying God], short and bandy-legged".[2] 'Monkrat' was not the name he had gone by as a Bridgeburner, but was one which he had adopted as he felt that he was essentially "[the] Monk of Rats, priest and wizard, conjurer and binder of spirits".[3]

Monkrat had been born in Malaz City in the shadow of Mock's Hold.[4]

In Toll the Hounds[]

Initially, he worked with Gradithan in the Redeemer's Pilgrim camp, helping to corrupt the worshippers of the Redeemer.[5] Unlike Gradithan and the others in the Pilgrim camp, Monkrat refused to drink Kelyk/Saemankelyk, wanting to keep his senses clear and to retain his access to his magical powers.[6]

Monkrat routinely scouted Black Coral through the eyes and minds of rats (thus, his name).[7] It was while Monkrat was monitoring Black Coral via his rats, that he first learned that Seerdomin was on a crusade to kill off all the human, virulently anti-Tiste Andii, conspirators (an organized group who called themselves Liberators).[8]

Later, Monkrat ran into Spindle, another ex-Bridgeburner, who convinced Monkrat to help him save as many of the abandoned and completely neglected children of the Pilgrim camp outside the Barrow of the Redeemer as possible, before the remaining children could be rounded up by the new sect's fanatic adherents to be sacrificed (as virgins) to 'feed' the Dying God.[9] Between Monkrat and Spindle, the two of them ultimately managed to rescue twenty children, some in very bad shape - preventing those children, at least, from being killed.[10]

Finally, as Monkrat and Spindle watched, Silanah (the 'red dragon') took flight from her roost atop the New Palace of the Tiste Andii in Black Coral and flew to the corrupted ex-Pilgrim camp near the Barrow of the Redeemer to deal deadly payback to Gradithan and the rest of his evil followers.[11]

In The God is Not Willing[]

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