Monok Ochem was a T'lan Imass Bonecaster of the Logros nation.[1] He was described as massively boned with disproportionately long arms. The black fur he wore around his shoulders faded to silver where it formed a mangled hood around his head.[2]

His Soletaken form was that of an enormous, gaunt and withered, silver-grey ape.[3]

In House of ChainsEdit

Monok Ochem was among a group of Logros T'lan Imass hunting The Unbound, seven Logros renegades.[4] His party included Ibra Gholan, Olar Shayn, and Haran Epal. The group lost the renegades' trail in the Nascent, but stumbled upon Onrack T'emlava and Trull Sengar confronting a group of Tiste Liosan led by Seneschal Jorrude. Monok Ochem told the Liosan that their god, Osric, was lost.[5]

The Bonecaster convinced the Liosan to participate in a ritual that would allow the entire group to escape the flooding fragment of Kurald Emurlahn. But the bonecaster did not reveal that the ritual would take the T'lan Imass separately to Kurald Thyrllan. Monok Ochem had determined that Jorrude's magic unwittingly came from some power masquerading as the Liosan god, Osseric. Monok Ochem also sensed that Onrack had been cut off from Tellann, and reminded him that he would have to be destroyed. Onrack took advantage of the ritual to propel himself and Trull to a different destination, narrowly escaping the bonecaster's ape form.[6]

Once in the Liosan Warren, Monok Ochem and the others located the false god in order to slay it.[7] Afterwards, the bonecaster and Ibra Gholan located and followed Onrack from a distance, thinking he meant to join the Unbound.[8] Onrack ultimately determined that the Unbound meant to lead the Crippled God to the First Throne of the T'lan Imass to enslave them. Monok Ochem agreed to stay his judgement on Onrack while the four of them traveled to Quon Tali to protect the Throne.[9] The bonecaster was not pleased to discover Shadowthrone's servants, Minala and the Company of Shadow, already defended the Throne.[10][11]

In The BonehuntersEdit

The defenders of the First Throne faced numerous assaults from the Crippled God's allies, the Tiste Edur. So long as their attackers did not bring magic to bear, Monok Ochem kept his presence hidden lest the Edur attack in greater force.[12] The Bonecaster maintained his contempt for Onrack, who he said spoke the words of the Unbound and fought to defend his friend Trull rather than the First Throne. He also refused Cotillion's request to seek reinforcements from his fellow T'lan Imass. When the god asked if the power of the Throne could be restored, Monok Ochem called him dangerous, saying he "spoke aloud what must not be said" and cut off further discussion.[13]

Eventually, the Tiste Edur attacked in force. The warlock, Sathbaro Rangar, opened a gate for two hundred Edur warriors and sixty Letherii archers led by Kholb Harat and Saur Bathrada. They were also accompanied by Ahlrada Ahn as well as the champion Icarium and his companion, Taralack Veed.[14] The warlock immediately began weaving his Chaos sorcery upon seeing Onrack holding the choke point of the tunnel passage leading to the Throne. Ahlrada Ahn was suspicious of Onrack's sudden withdrawal and attempted to stop the warlock, but it was too late. He sent a wave of magic against the choke point only to see it shatter. Then Sathbaro screamed as Monok Ochem's huge Soletaken form charged him. The black and grey ape lifted the warlock into the air, tearing off both arms before it bit into the back of his neck and tore out his spine.[15]

Icarium entered a rage and challenged the Soletaken ape, who immediately recoiled and retreated to the throne room. The sorcerous windstorm created by Icarium's rage exploded into the throne room where Trull found Monok Ochem's twisted body melted and fused into the Throne. Ibra Gholan rushed to take the fallen Bonecaster's place in the fighting.[16]

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