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Morn was a ruined, haunted place on the southwestern coast of Genabackis,[1] north of Seguleh Island and 200 leagues south of Darujhistan.[2] It was the location of The Rent, a torn Warren. Nearby were K'Chain Che'Malle tombs and a ruined Jaghut tower. A central barrow buried under the T'ol Ara'd used to hold captive a living matron whose soul had been used to seal the torn Warren long before the time of the Imass.[3]

The lands running southeast along the coast towards Ilem were known as the Cursed Lands. To the north was Root Forest.

In Memories of Ice[]

Morn by Artaya

In a flashback to the time of the Imass, Kilava Onass tried to save two fleeing Jaghut children from a hunting party led by Pran Chole by placing them in the Rent at Morn. After proudly telling Pran Chole of her deed, he pointed out that to be placed in the torn Warren meant unbearable agony and everlasting life as well as the release of the creature that had been placed in the wound long ago.[4]

Interpretation of Morn by spin_drift

During the time of the Malazans, Toc the Younger reawakened here after being thrown out of the Warren of Chaos. Here, he found the T'lan Imass, Tool, and encountered Lady Envy. All three discovered the release of the K'Chain Che'Malle matron from her imprisonment within a nearby tomb, although they did not know her exact identity at the time.

After the Siege of Coral, Quick Ben, Ganoes Paran, the Jaghut who had been the Seer of the Pannion Domin, and Kilava Onass appeared by Warren at Morn. Quick Ben returned the power of the Matron contained within a Finnest to the tear and in return the Jaghut's long-lost sister was released to her brother.[5]

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