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Malaz City

The Mouse Quarter, or Lower District,[1] was located on the inland edge of Malaz City, and was the poorest quarter of the city. The "Mouse" was characterised as having an uneven spreading of hovels and overgrowing tiers.[2] Longtime Mouse resident Kiska called it "the filthiest, lowest, and most disease-infested locale in the city."[3]

The Mouse was home to Obo's Tower, the Hanged Man Inn, Smiley's, and the Deadhouse.

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

In the 1154th year of Burn's Sleep, Surly, the Imperial Regent,[4] leader of the Claw, and soon to be Empress, created laws prohibiting the use of unsanctioned sorcery, for example that were used to locate schools of Coraval.[5] Elements of the 3rd Army rendezvoused with recruits and were sent to enforce the Imperial Regent's edict. The riots that followed engulfed a quarter of the town in flames.[6] The mage cadre that was sent in, all new and untested, lost control. Whiskeyjack sent Dujek and some sappers to control the fires.[7]

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