Murken Warrow, better known as Murk, was a mage who used the Warren of Meanas with Ammanas as his patron. He was described as having unusually thin eyes. He saw action in the Blackdog campaign with the Malazan 5th Army soon after his apprenticeship with old blind Eghen[1] and was a member of the imperial mage cadre. After leaving the army he became known in the black-market circles of Unta and together with his partner Hint, better known as 'Sour', achieved a level of notoriety as thieves which saw them arrested.[2]

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In Blood and Bone Edit

Having been saved from arrest and imprisonment by Spite, they took out a contract with her and, together with a group of mercenaries, travelled with Spite to fabled Jacuruku. During their attempt to free the box containing a shard of the Crippled God from the Dolmens of Tien, Spite became trapped.[3] As their hired boat had abandoned them, Murk and the others decided to travel on into the jungle in search for help. Murk made contact with the awareness of the shard which manifested in his visions as a small, totally innocent girl, named Celeste.

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