Myin-el and Oroth of the Hafinaj tribe of the Adwami of southwestern Jacuruku were members of the mounted personal bodyguard of the Hafinaj's Prince Jatal.[1]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Prince Jatal, his personal bodyguards, and the Hafinaj had become part of a coalition of multiple Adwami tribes and families who - along with the Warleader and his mercenary army - undertook a major campaign against the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs in northwestern Jacuruku. The first target of the combined forces was the Thaumaturg southern capital city of Isana Pura.[2] Prince Jatal and Princess Andanii of the Vehajarwi were joint leaders of the Adwami and, as such, rode in the van of the column of attackers surrounded by their personal bodyguards.[3]

Having arrived at Isana Pura, Prince Jatal - flanked by his guards - including Myin-el and Oroth, and Princess Andanii - flanked by hers - including the captain of her guard, made their way to the center of the city where they arrived at, and forced their way into, a large walled compound.[4] Encountering maze-like rooms and spaces, the group eventually found themselves encircled by the Thaumaturg "stone soldiers", the Yakshaka. Being forced to retreat to a small opening from which descended a stone staircase into a dark pit, Princess Andanii's guard captain indicated that four men - two of his own guards, and two Hafinaj guards, Myin-el and Oroth - were to descend first in order to scout the way. Myin-el and Oroth, after first seeking and receiving Prince Jatal's assent to this move, accompanied the two Vehajarwi guards down into the darkness. The rest of the group soon followed after them. After some confusion, the urgent need to quickly backtrack became evident and Prince Jatal was very reluctantly compelled to leave Myin-el and Oroth behind - as, according to Princess Andanii, they had split from her and her Vehajarwi guards in order to scout even further ahead.[5]

Although the attack was eventually considered a success by the combined forces, Prince Jatal - full of regret - could not help but wonder what had happened to Myin-el and Oroth down in Isana Pura's death-filled, maze-like tunnels.[6]

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