Assail & environs

Assail and northern Bael

The Nabrajans were a people who lived on the plains of the eastern coast of Bael. Unlike the tribes of the neighboring steppes, the Nabrajans had an economy based in extensive agricultural and mercantile concerns. Trade was advanced enough to support mercantile houses, trade roads, and possibly at least one urban center at Kurzan on the coast. Whether by their own manufacture or through trade, they had access to weapons, armour, treated hides, gold ingots, and pack animals.[1] The Nabrajans also engaged in slavery.[2]

Nabrajan expansion competed for land with their neighbors on the steppes, such as the People of the Wind. Their settlements were merely collections of homesteads, but they were growing and the Nabrajans had started building garrisons to fend off raids from the tribes.[3]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

The Nabrajans hired the Crimson Guard to eliminate the warlock Shen, who resided in a fortress perched atop the Spur.[4]

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