Nachts were Jaghut-bred versions of bhoka'rala.[1] They were roughly a meter in height, gnarled and muscle-bound, heavy for their size, black-skinned, black-tailed, and hairless.[2][3][4] They had perfectly round heads with apish faces, small black or yellow-shot eyes, pointed ears, and fangs.[2][3] A nacht was strong enough to rip off a man's arm and intelligent enough to use a hammer as a club.[3] They made hooting and snorting noises, and when amused, rolled around on the ground in helpless mirth.[4]

Historically, they were said to have inhabited Malaz Island.[5]

In Midnight TidesEdit

There were three Nachts who served the Crippled God on his island, and who he had named Pule, Mape, and Rind. These three creatures became servants and companions of Withal, a Meckros weaponsmith, after the god destroyed his city and brought him to the island as his slave. The Nachts were to serve Withal while he created a sword to the god's specifications.[6]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

The three Nachts, after being instrumental in helping Withal to escape from the Crippled God's island, thereafter continued to accompany Withal wherever he went.[7][8]

Sandalath Drukorlat decided that she and Withal - plus, inevitably, the three Nachts - would follow after the Shake, under the leadership of Yan Tovis. Yan Tovis and the Shake - entering a gate that led onto the Road of Gallan - were already far ahead of Sandalath, Withal and the Nachts when they, themselves, entered the same gate. No sooner had they done so, however, when they were immediately attacked by a Forkrul Assail. Unexpectedly, the three Nachts, as soon as they had entered this realm, had veered into the shape of Venath demons - becoming huge, hulking, and unbelievably strong. These three Venath demons/Nachts were able to easily beat the Forkrul to a bloody pulp, thereby saving Sandalath and Withal. Sandalath told Withal that she had been told by the mage Obo, that the Jaghut had created the Nacht. Withal noted that these Vanath demons were just as stupid as when Rind, Mape, and Pule were in the form of Nachts.[9][10]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

In the ancient homeland of his people, the Jaghut, Varandas, practiced the art of soul-shifting and doll-making. His most recent dolls were intended to " out a rare, winged rock ape native to the old crags of a desert far to the south [of the Jaghut Odhan]..." and take them over. Varandas named this particular series "Nacht".[11]

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